Back in 2013, Claes Remmered Persson & Otto Petterson launched the dance-pop duo Vigiland. They initiated their career by successfully capturing the Scandinavian countries with their first hit ”UFO”, that in a short span of time reached over 100 million streams and eventually being certified fivefold platinum.

As the track claimed the number one spot on the Official Singles Chart in Sweden, Vigiland kept the momentum flowing with the releases ”Shots & Squats” and ”Pong Dance”, which virally reached all corners of the globe.


Having their playful signature sound recognised by the world, the duo raised their standards as producers & artists, and evolved to a more pop-centric type of dance music, vocal chopping their way through the global charts. They followed up with the releases of ”Friday Night” and ”Be Your Friend”, establishing the progress of the Vigiland sound.


Friday June 15th, 2018 marks the launch of their very first EP, V, which contains four tracks showing their evolvement from exclusively releasing party anthems to globally release music that you can enjoy at any occasion.


The music used to be all about partying, Claes explains, “but now we’ve grown up and realized, it’s about more than that. That’s where the idea for the EP came from” Otto backs him up saying, “You should still be able to party to this music but you should also find a sound to work, drive, sleep and just about everything else, to it”.

Today they’ve got over 500 Million streams & counting, giving a statement that Vigiland will stick around and keep shocking the world with global releases and unforgettable shows.